Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to Inservice ideas for Gospel Principles manual for Priesthood & Relief Society

Welcome to our blog. This is a first for us. This blog is dedicated to students who want to learn more and teachers who may want additional resources for the 2010 Priesthood/Relief Society manual, Gospel Principles. We started this blog for students in our Adult Institute Class (Wednesday nights at 7:00pm at the LDS Seminary building near Weber High School in Pleasant View, Utah - - in case anyone is interested). But anyone is more than welcome to use it.

We will be posting quotes and ideas which we think of as we study the Gospel Principles manual. Much more information is included than any teacher will want to use. In fact, we worry that some may be overwhelmed at times by our material. Just choose what you find useful.

Hopefully here every student/teacher will find ideas that will meet his or her needs or those of the students in his or her class. Please follow the spirit and choose carefully. As we learn how to run a blog (patience please!) we invite you to post your comments and ideas so we and others can benefit.


  1. Hi Ted,

    I am very interested in your article (the one we discussed in South Carolina). Can you send it to me as a PDF attachment? My eMail address is Thank you very much.


    PS - Please send me your eMail address regardless. Thanks again.

  2. As the Gospel Principles manual closes out I wanted to thank you for what has obviously been a lot of work in searching the Presidents of the Church series to supplement priesthood and relief society lessons. Since discovering your blog right after I was called to teach the high priests I have used it regularly and found the material to be an extremely helpful resource in focusing lessons.

    Bob Wilde